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Specifics: It was cerebration ago the 1850s that the resin that became yellow-brown was produced by a long shot tree Pinites succinifer. Simply search inwards the 1980s came to the determination that resin originates from various species. More of late, it has been proposed, on a higher floor tell of Fourier-transform infrared radiation spectroscopy (FTIR) analysis of amber and resin from bread and butter trees, that conifers of the kin group Sciadopityaceae were responsible for. The just extant illustration of this family is the Japanese umbrella pine tree, Sciadopitys verticillata.

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  • It appears, however, to have been partly derived from older Eocene deposits and it occurs also as a derivative phase in later formations, such as glacial drift.
  • Although not mineralized. amber is sometimes considered as a gemstone .
  • The term amber has entered the English language as the color that is halfway between yellow and orange.


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